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Here are some good accessories from BANGGOOD site. These complete list are below. Its safe and easy to buy any product.

CH341A 24 25 Series EEPROM Flash BIOS USB Programmer

ch341 a programmer

USB Programmer
Support 24EEPROM and 25 SPI flash 8pin/16pin chip
USB to TTL port, can get root online
With CH341A chip
Recognize 25 series chip automatically
And support download STC series procedure of single chip
With 24/25 status indicator lamp
SPI pin to support expanding the utility
Provide 5V-3.3V power supply output
Dimension:70mm x 27mm

USB SPI Programmer Support24 25 93 EEPROM 25 Flash BIOS Chip+7 Adapters

EZP2019 High-speed USB SPI Programmer

Software and firmware update.
Surpport 25 FLASH, 24 EEPROM, 25 EEPROM, 93 EEPROM,etc.
Small shape. small size and weight light and low power loss.
Working with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7(32bit & 64bit).
USB 2.0 interface, the speed is 12Mbps.
The speed of reading and writing is very fast.
Auto select power votage.
Auto detect chip modles.
Auto off-line chip copy.
Read and Write the bios chips of DVD,TV,PC,harddisk,etc.

V8 Finder DVB-S2 DVB-S FTA Digital Satellite SatFinder Meter

v8 satellite finder

1. Fully comply with DVB standard, live FTA digital image and sound.
2. Equipped with 3.5-inch LCD color screen for clear and natural viewing of objects.
3. Equipped with Li-ion 3000mA battery, it can work normally for up to 4 hours.
4. Support AV input and AV/HD output function, 13V/18V/LOCK state. 5. Provide direct panel LED display and battery power display.
5. Easy and convenient to use, plug and play installation, with easy-to-use menu system.

iBRAVEBOX V9 Finder DVB-S/S2 H.265 TV Signal Satellite Receiver Finder Meter 


Fully DVB compliant, Live FTA Digital Picture and Sound
3.5 inch LCD Colour Screen
Lithium-ion 3000mA Battery, Normal work up to 4 hours
Support AV in and AV/HD out function
Support 13V / 18V / LOCK status panel LED display directly
Support battery power display
Software Upgradeable via USB

GTMEDIA V8 Finder Meter HD 1080p Digital Satellite DVB-S2/S2X Finder Meter

GTMEDIA V8 Finder Meter


Type: Digital Satellite DVB-S/S2/S2X Finder Meter
Measurements of Digital satellite DVB-S/S2/S2X signals for quick setup of satellite dishes.
MPEG-2 / H.265 Hardware decoding.
Support AV in and AV/HDMI out function.
PAL-NTSC auto-conversion.
3.5 inch HD TFT LCD Screen.
Li-Ion battery (7.4 V /3000 mAh) for up to 4-hour operating time.
LNB short circuit protection

GTMEDIA V8 Finder BT03 HD 1080P SatFinder 

GTMEDIA V8 Finder BT03

DVB Finder DVB-S2 Multi standard demodulation & decoding bluetooth connection for Android APP and Apple APP Support full satellite selection
Size(L x W x H): Approx.42 x 95 x 15 mm
Flash Memory: 32MB Serial Flash
DDR2 Memory: 512M Bits
LED Indicator: Blue (Flashing: Not connected, Normally on: connected)
LNB IN  (Frequency Range950MHz to 2150MHz DVB-S/S2)
Micro USB: DC 5V 1.5A

USB DVB-T2 Signal Digital Receiver for Android Phone Smartphone

dvb t2


  • Input signal: 75 ohms digital TV antenna input
  • DVB-T2 frequency: 48.25 – 863.25MHz
  • Punctured codes: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6 and 7/8
  • Bandwidth: 1.7 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 10MHz
  • Fully compliant with DVB-T2: EN302 755, DVB-T: EN300 744
  • Video format: MPEG2 MP / ML, H.264
  • Audio format: MPEG2 audio layer I / II, AAC
  • System requirements:
  • Compatible with Android 4.1 or above
  • Android device with a 1GHz or faster dual-core CPU
  • Supports USB OTG

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