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The downfall of Independent TV started back in June 2019 when Antrix Corporation stopped providing satellite signals to the DTH operator. The major reason behind the signal disconnection was unpaid dues. In July 2019, thEe TDSAT asked Independent TV to clear Rs 12 crore dues of Antrix Corporation However, Independent TV failed to clear the dues.

Again, a new deadline was provided by Independent TV. The DTH operator made a lot of noise in August 2019 saying the services will be restored any day. But again it failed. In September 2019, Independent TV filed a new application in front of TDSAT asking to modify the order issued back in July. Since then, we did not hear anything from the operator.

Trai released its report yesterday in which it clearly stated that Independent TV has closed the operations. “The marginal reduction in the subscriber base as compared to previous quarters (up to March 2019) may be due to closure of DTH Services by M/s Independent TV Limited and also now the number of days for which inactive subscribers were taken into consideration is 90 days as compared to 120 days taken for previous quarters up to March 2019,” mentioned TRAI in the report.

Independent TV’s website is also up for sale, which clearly states the company may never resume services again. Right now, there’s no update from Independent TV on the closure of services. Trai may soon interfere and ask the DTH operator to provide refund to customers who chose long-term channel packs.


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